Afforestation | Reforestation:
This is the first time such an organized and ambitious project  is being implemented for tree regeneration with a special accent for the native broadleaves species so important for our birds and also very much for the migratory birds coming all along the east coast of the USA.
The people of Seguin and the communities in Parc La Visite are seeing this project not only a matter of the heart from the American people but also as an opportunity to set a remarquable example on how different actors can get together and accomplish great things. The hope generated from this short term project is that this is only a preview of what is coming as far as work and reconstruction tasks. Reforestation and rehabilitation of the bird's habitats is also part of Haiti's reconstruction.

One has only to look at the pictures of all these folks proudly wearing their helmets boots and gloves to see that Haiti's task force is more than ready to restore the motherland.
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